Why Web App & Website ?

Web apps or web applications is crucial in today’s cyberspace as it serves as the central portal for access. Besides, web apps enable online transactions, which is a key aspect for businesses in contemporary times. Some of the prime benefits web apps provide include cross-platform compatibility, device-independent responsiveness, branding, and reach.

A well-developed web app enhances reach to potential consumers as they can access web applications from any operating systems including Mac and Windows and Internet browser.

At Grapdevs, we develop web apps that are truly reflective of our clients’ central business and are device and browser-independent.

Our Four part Process

Requirement Gauging
Prototype Designing
Prototype Testing
Implementation & Integration

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Our Services in Web developement

Core PHP

A PHP programming language that is used primarily to create dynamic web pages. As we use core PHP, which is the purest form of PHP script, needless to say, we know the language thoroughly and write clear codes to develop critical applications. Grapdevs leverages its technical know-how and the host of functionalities available with Core PHP to develop reliable codes and reduce turnaround.


Is a reliable and effective framework that is leveraged to create full-featured applications. Grapdevs uses this light toolkit to develop various applications based on clients' requirements. It is useful as it has built-in protection against attacks related to CSRF and XSS. .


Has slowly picked up the pace and is going mainstream. At Grapdevs, we utilize the best technology and tools to develop e-commerce solutions that offer both agility and functionality. Grapdevs also designs and develops ground-up custom features and functionalities as needed by our clients. Grapdevs develops custom e-commerce solutions that can be easily integrated into a client’s existing ERP systems.


Supports the creation and management of digital content to help companies optimize their digital experience. The content management system can also be leveraged by businesses to provide personalization by tailoring content to an end-consumer’s specific choice. Grapdevs offers enterprise content management and web content management services to its clients.

How do we secure our
client’s web application?

More often than not, in the very excitement of building and deploying web applications, individuals tend to forget the crucial security aspects. To safeguard and protect our client’s intellectual property, we deploy a host of solutions that guard against such vulnerability.

Cross-site Scripting (XSS)

Is a client-side code injection attack that enables hackers to easily bypass access controls including the same-origin policy. Bypassing controls compromise a web application as a hacker can run malicious codes on your legitimate and authentic web page or application.

SQL Injection

Is counted among the most common but painful attacks. Hackers can view and/or retrieve data related to your customers or sensitive and crucial data that may affect the underlying server and/or the existing backend infrastructure.

Broken Authentication

Is leveraged by hackers to impersonate legitimate users to bypass the authentication methods typically used by various web applications.

Remote File Inclusion

Web applications that refer to external scripts are compromised by hackers and are exploited to upload malware from a remote URL. Poorly-written web applications tend to be more vulnerable and thereby compromise your website’s authority.

How do we optimize?

At Grapdevs, we leverage various services to reduce latency and improve the performance of clients’ websites. Some of the levers we deploy to enhance the performance of your website include

Cloud storage

We leverage cloud storage services to ensure a faster turnaround and performance of our clients’ websites. We use Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Firebase cloud storage, and the likes to quickly and easily store and serve content.

HTTP load balancer

Tends to increase the throughput of a system by distributing the workload evenly. It distributes traffic from the Internet across multiple applications to optimize resource utilization. Grapdevs leverages HTTP load balancer to optimize its clients’ online assets and reduce latency.

Minified structure

is used to remove unnecessary characters in the source code. Minification increases the performance of websites and reduces the load time. At Grapdevs, we minify everything from backend-code to front-end code, be it for JS, HTML, or others. On an average, we minify in the range of 20 to 55% on various occasions.

Compressed assets

As speed is one of the vital aspects of a website, compressing assets such as images,Js, Css and HTML/XML becomes crucial. We at Grapdevs, compress several elements, be it in any format.

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Our service scope is not limited to these services only, you can contact us if you have any idea and want to develop it on any platform. Write your Name, Email and describe your requirement and we will contact you in the next 48 hours.

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