A few of the defining principles include

Safe & secure cloud solutions

Growing business needs of startups. To address such needs, Grapdevs offers cloud solutions to help startups effectively execute their strategic plan.

Managed services

We provide affordable managed services to startups based on their requirements. Startups can opt for a host of services ranging from cloud services to managed security & application services.

Hassle-free support services

We provide startups with an all-round support and third party service. To this end, our IT support services are designed to fit the needs of startups.

Customized services

Where the approach is to design and deploy a custom set of services that address the very need of our clients.

"Ideas are easy,
Implementation is hard"

For startups

We offer a host of services keeping startups in mind. Our mission-critical design and delivery services ensure an effective implementation of startup ideas into real-world solutions. The services ease the process of quality product design and delivery at optimal cost.

Engagement & Payment Models

Specially assembled for start-ups


“Pay as you grow” model enables our clients to subscribe to our service packages and pay regularly at pre-defined periods. As a client’s business grows and their IT related requirements continue to evolve, the “Pay-as-you-Grow” model provides startups with the flexibility to pay at regular intervals. Also, the payment method helps our clients to add new requirements and pay on the basis of the services they show interest in.

Periodic Payment

“Initial down payment and on milestones” model bifurcates the entire IT support and services needed in terms of multiple milestones. Our Clients pay for the services they opt for on achieving milestones.

Customized Package

“Customized package” is priced based on the services a client opts for. There is no predefined price or set of services as it largely depends on the service and/or set of services opted for. Check out our services page and select from a host of services.

Why Us and Not Others?

Open Source

We leverage the open source tools to build cost-effective and quality codes to not only keep a check on the cost but also to deliver the best-in-class solution.


Win the contemporary open-source era, open source library systems have become inevitable. Grapdevs has an experienced team that can customize modules from libraries to build specific functionalities.


Despite open source and library systems being in the light, there are occasions when we have to leverage paid services. However, we manage and optimize it in a way that it does not increase project overheads.

Market Analysis

We have a good mix of clients coming from both IT and non-IT backgrounds. For clients having no great technical and IT insight, we engage with them in totality to understand the positioning of their solution and on multiple occasions deliver products that beat their expectation in terms of practicality and efficacy.

Expert Advice

As stated earlier, listening is key to building great solutions at Grapdevs. To this end, on multiple occasions, we advise our clients, primarily startups, on implementing various modules and/or services that complement their basic idea and provide lateral scaling opportunity.

Pay-as-You-Grow Model

pay-as-you-grow model involves a smaller up-front cost. It reduces huge upfront capital expenditure and provides the provision for our clients to pay based on the services opted for as they grow over a period of time. At Grapdevs, clients pay half of the project cost initially, and subsequent payments are made over the years as they continue to scale.

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