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Cloud Service

Cloud services have provided companies with the flexibility and efficiency they needed at optimal cost. The crux here is about flexibility and cost optimization in case of additional IT resource requirements as it could not be met using a local server and may require undergoing a complete overhauling of existing IT infrastructure. So essentially, Grapdevs cloud services take the IT-related technical hassle off its client’s shoulders, giving them the peace of mind they need to focus on their core business. A Grapdevs, we call it a chauffeur-driven approach, where Grapdevs takes the wheels, while its clients focus on their work from the comfort of the back seat. Under our cloud service solution, we provide IT infrastructure, platforms, and software-related solutions to our clients.

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You can come up with your server, where you want us to manage the servers or ask us to do your job from launching the server to maintenance.

Realise Your Enterprise Potential with Grapdev's Managed Cloud Services

Grapdevs is a partner of choice for all your managed services needs. We ensure that our partner clients do what they do best and focus on their core business, while we support them in their endeavor by managing all their server-related needs. At Grapdevs, we migrate, host, and manage our clients' applications.


A well-laid-out plan helps project managers to comprehend, monitor, and control a software development project. The plan is central to the project development and it also has various advantages associated with it. Some of the advantages include:


Plan serves as the go-to guide to ensure that the software project is in line with the predefined objective and scope. Also, it helps in defining the role of project management team members involved in the project


Plan helps in monitoring the progress of a project whether it is progressing according to the decided landmarks or not and whether a corrective measure is needed.

Resource planning

A well laid-down plan helps in effective resource planning thereby optimizing project cost.

Budget planning

Having a plan in the first phase helps in optimizing the cost of a project. It enables proper evaluation of needed resources and project timeline which results in cost optimization.

Time Management

Grapdevs enables its client partners to focus on their core business and outsource the hassle of cloud services and reduce their implementation time. To this end, we deploy various tools and frameworks that save considerable time for developers and clients and support them in shortening their product launch time.

Services that we focus on

Compute Engine

App Engine




Ec2 & Instances




Dynamo DB



Delivering Value to clients

Customer satisfaction

Grapdevs stands committed to the discussed and agreed project timelines. Within the agreed timeframe, we provide the best of our services to honor the delivery timeline.

Delivery governed

Our services are governed keeping the requirements of our clients on priority. To this end, Grapdevs always ensures that we deliver and launch our clients’ projects on time.


In addition to honoring project timelines, Grapdevs offers the best price to its clients who use its cloud services. This way we ensure that our clients receive the nest of services at optimal cost.

Time Management

Cloud management is a tedious task, especially for our clients from non-IT sectors. Therefore, we enable such clients to launch applications and/or services within the stipulated time frame. Besides, we offer a dashboard that enables our clients to track and manage cloud services with a click.

Know more about Cloud Services

Our service scope is not limited to these services only, you can contact us if you have any idea and want to develop it on any platform. Write your Name, Email and describe your requirement and we will contact you in the next 48 hours.

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